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          The campfire takes place in the courtyard of Unglerus Guesthouse. On request we can offer you hot wine or hot "țuică".

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*only for groups




Hiking Around Biertan

From Biertan you can reach to next villages using more spectacular paths, passable either in summer or in winter time.
You can also go on trips with organized groups covering longer distances between Medias - Sighișoara.

Biertan - Dupuș

Dupuș village belongs to Atel commune and it is connected to Biertan by a 3 km long unpaved road.

This trip takes almost 3 hours and it has low difficulty.

Touristic attractions

The fortified church from Dupus - built in the same period with that from Biertan.

Biertan - Copsa Mare
The route is along the road DC24 for about 2 km. Copsa Mare belongs to Biertan, with a population of about 700 inhabitants.

Touristic attractions

The main attraction is the fortified church from Copsa Mare.

Biertan - Richiș 

Richiș village belongs to Biertan and it is linked to it by the paved road DJ 141B.

The trip covers the Richiș valley area (aprox 7 km).

Touristic attractions

The main attraction is the fortified church from Richiș.

Trips on the area

These trips are longer, which means that you also need accommodation in guesthouses and houses in certain cities / villages.

1. Biertan - Dumbrăveni- Daneș - Sighișoara
2. Biertan - Brateiu - Mediaș - Bazna
3. Biertan - Mediaș - Moșna- Agnita- Sighișoara


Mountain biking in Biertan

Cycling lovers will find many routes over the Biertan hills. These have a medium difficulty, having the ability to cover distances of up to 60 km or even more.


There are many cycling routes in this area. These routes will guide you to beautiful valleys and over the green hills, where cyclists can enjoy areas where nature has not been touched by humans and has something to offer. Depending on the chosen route, you can choose day trips in which you can enjoy the wildlife and the beautiful views.

We recommend that you look for a local guide when you want to make such trips.

Mountain bike

Bicycle rental

In Biertan we have our own bicycle rental center. The cost of renting a bicycle (helmet included) is 50 RON / day.

Medieval Show

The medieval show is organized by the Order of the Palladium Knights from Mediaș, the show takes about two hours and includes: songs, dances, medieval fights and weapons presentation.
*only for groups

Organ Concert

The organ concert takes place in the Fortified Church and last about 30 minutes.

* only for groups


Archery dates back 10,000 years, when bow and arrow were used in hunting and war; then it became a competitive activity in medieval England. Archery is currently a sport practiced in over 140 countries. Unglerus Guesthouse provides you what you need to discover this noble sport and also offers you a few moments of recreation while you are our guest.

* only for groups of minimum 15 persons


One of the most requested team building activities is paintball. The simulation of a war situation is done in the forest near the village, so the feeling is as real as possible. Even the pain is very real. The Unglerus Medieval Resort provides you the perfect ambiance for an extra adrenaline rush.

* only for groups of minimum 15 persons

Trufflery (truffle harvesting)

Truffiturism is a concept that involves being in nature, in order to find truffles. The truffles are carefully cooked by a gourmet chef. Truffles are not very well known in Romania, and this is unfortunate, because they have existed here for a long time, especially in the nearby forests. This is the reason why Unglerus Medieval Restort will recommend this unique experience.

* only for groups of minimum 15 persons

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is one of the games in which at least 5 players must be present to find hidden objects or to look for them according to a series of clues. Treasure hunting can be organized both indoors and outdoors. Outside, it is organized in the courtyard and garden of the guesthouse, in the center of Biertan and in the surroundings. Inside, it is played in a specific room where it is quite difficult to hide the clues. We invite you to try a captivating game only at Unglerus Medieval Resort.

* only for groups of minimum 15 persons