Live like a lord, eat like a king

                Unglerus Medieval Restaurant challenges you to step on a journey into the past, reviving through his architecture and atmosphere a part of medieval times. The restaurant is located in one
of the most representative buildings of the village, placed exactly at the main entrance of the Fortified Church and has a great opening at Biertan's main square.

The building is integrated in the architectural ensemble of the fortress. In the past, it served for many purposes also being a prison. The inner courtyard is arranged during summer time into a private terrace. Here our guests can admire the 500-year-old bastions. 
              The building was renovated based on an old painting found in the treasury of the Fortified Church and converted into a medieval restaurant with large chairs with studded leather backs, walls that feature huge paintings with knights and other medieval scenes, spears, shields and many other medieval decorations, all of them creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

The restaurant has modern equipment and can regularly accommodate up to 105 guests but for special events the number can be extended up to 140 persons.

             The distance between Unglerus Medieval Restaurant and Unglerus Guesthouse 4* is 200m.

             Thomas Guesthouse 4* is across the street (3m).

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*Tichetele de vacanta se pot folosi pentru mesele servite in cadrul Restaurantului Medieval Unglerus doar daca sunt insotite de minim de o noapte de cazare!

-     La tichetele de vacanta NU oferim rest in bani! 

-     Rezervarile achitate in avans cu tichete de vacanta sunt 100% NERAMBURSABILE indiferent de motivul anularii sau in caz de neprezentare (banii nu se restituie).

-     In cazul anularii (indiferent de motivul invocat) sau a neprezentarii tichetele NU se restituie!

-     Titularul tichetelor trebuie sa fie prezent la cazare si sa prezinte CI.

-     TICHETELE/VOUCHERELE de vacanta NU sunt transmisibile!

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